Product Description
Dimethylolurea is used to treat textiles and wood, and is mixed with fillers for use in molding adhesives. And used in disinfectants and other biocidal products, as an in-can preservative, as a preservative for liquid-cooling and processing systems, and as a slimicide. Dimethylolurea is also used as a preservative in metal-working fluids, as a developer of photographic film, and as a cleaning agent and disinfectant.

〉A. In the textile industry in cotton crease, and shrink-proofing, finishing, drying, sizing, tanning.
〉B. In treating textiles and wood they are mixed with fillers and used in molding adhesive. They are used to treat plywoods to increase its hardness and fire resistance, and to form self-binding laminations for plywood manufacture.
〉C. As intermediate for cross-linking agent in polymer and coating.
〉D. In agriculture, as a slow-release nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides.
〉E. In animal feeds to keep feed protein quality as a reagent for modifying tyrosine?residues in feed proteins and it has the potential to increase nutritional quality of feed proteins by decreasing their microbial degradation in the rumen (largest compartment in the cow stomach).
〉F. In an isotonic multipurpose blood diluent and lysing agent for differential determination of lymphoid-myeloid population of leukocytes.
〉G. As a preservative in metal-working fluids (cutting fluids) and processing systems.
〉H. As a developer of photo graphic film, as an addition of thermo sensitive recording material and specific printing.
〉I. In permanently waving and permanently setting hair.
〉J. In biodegradable thermosetting resin composition.
〉K. As a cleaning agent and disinfectant slimicide or algaecides for air, materials and equipment.

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